Written by hvillefcc on Sep 10, 2013


As a community committed to following Christ, we invite you to participate in the practice of giving.  Regular, generous giving to God through the church is one way that we grow deeper in our faith.  It is a way God can work through us to change the life of another person and impact our city, our community, our world.


Jesus taught generosity and sacrifice as an essential part of following him, constantly urging his disciples to think about their relationship to their possessions.  We believe that giving to the church is an investment in God’s vision and purpose for us as his disciples.  Giving forms us as generous people by teaching us not to use everything we make for ourselves.  Giving also teaches us healthy financial habits and offers God a way to make a difference through us.


The Bible teaches us to give a tithe or the first ten percent of what we earn to God for the church’s work.  For some, this is a very difficult goal and for others their giving exceeds this.  What’s important is that you start somewhere, that your giving be proportional to your income, and that your giving expresses your desire to serve God and invest in God’s work.

Besides giving on Sunday morning there are two ways you can financially support our ministry.

Electronic Giving (Automatic Debt Transfer)

Our church is offering electronic giving, through automatic debit transfer, as an option for those who wish to take advantage.  Those who prefer to give by check or cash are always welcome to do so.

 The church has chosen Vanco Services to provide the automatic transfer.  The financial secretary will enter information from the authorization form into the Vanco web site, and will retrieve regular reports in order to post giving information as is done with current offerings received during worship each week.  The treasurer will see a total deposit on the bank statement as usual. There is a one-time set-up fee of 50 cents, and a per-transaction fee of 25 cents.  The fees will not be reflected on your bank statement, but will be charged to the church on a monthly basis.

 Your bank statement will show a debit to First Christian Church.

Here is the authorization form that you will need to print, fill out and turn into the church office to begin giving your gifts electronically. 

Electronic Giving Authorization Form

Electronic Giving (Paypal)

Now accepting PayPal

As a church we are also offering a way for people to give one time donations to our church by using a credit card through Paypal. To use this option you can click on the link below.